Roll Out Projects

PorterMatt Electric, Inc.

The PorterMatt Electric roll out program is designed to take the customer's burden and place it on our shoulders. Whether it is a single piece of equipment that needs installing or as many as 300 at separate locations, we are here to help. The process is as simple: you as the customer can provide us with a project list, and you can proceed to order your equipment. Once you have ship dates, we can take delivery of all your equipment and store it for you until we are ready to install it. Once we have received the equipment, we will work with you to establish an install schedule that meets your needs. We will then deliver and install the equipment as per our schedule. We are also available to remove and either dispose of or distribute the old equipment as directed by you. Lastly, if there is any minor drywall, painting, or ceiling work, we can handle that as well. Our goal is to meet your needs, however large or small they might be, take the burden off you and let us handle it for you as your one-stop-shop.