Dedication to SAFETY Our PROMISE


It is our commitment to our staff, our customers, and the community that safety is at the forefront of PorterMatt Electric. We nurture and institute an influential safety culture to ensure that our employees and anyone who comes in contact with our operations can return home safely to their families. We care about other people and our employees, and this compassion propels the safety philosophy here.

We employ a full-time Safety Manager to ensure that our employees, both in the field and in the office, are supplied with all required information, materials, and training to provide a safe work environment for our entire operation. We provide a hotline telephone number on all Jobsite boxes, scissor lifts, and ladders. This conduit provides access for any employee, college, or customer that may have a complaint or a suggestion on anything they feel is unsafe. This pathway allows them the anonymity to raise a concern if they think they need it.

Our Manager also works hand in hand with our customer's Safety Managers to ensure that we comply with all our customers' safety requirements and procedures. Also, we are sure to fulfill and exceed any job-specific requirements in addition to our and our customer's standard safety program.