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Company History

PorterMatt Electric, Inc., was founded by its President Tim Matthews and its Vice President John Porter. PorterMatt Electric, Inc. was created based on the idea that the company is at the service of its customers. Excellent customer relations, coupled with an exceptional quality of work. These tenants have always been and will continue to be our blueprint for success. We have always been committed to personal relations, organization, and hard work. We believe relationships and professionalism are essential for growth and longevity in a healthy business. This vision has been and continues to be, the backbone of the success of PorterMatt Electric, Inc. Our commitment to treating employees, customers, and colleagues fairly & honestly always has and will continue to guide the culture at PorterMatt Electric, Inc.

PorterMatt Electric, Inc.

Tim & John established PorterMatt Electric, Inc. in 1998 with just one employee and a couple of small projects. Over the years, they have continued to grow the business to what it is today.

In 1998 we became licensed as an electrical contractor in California. We added our Arizona license to the portfolio 2005, and 2006 Nevada was as well. In 2009 we continued to expand into the states of Colorado, Texas & Washington, with the most recent addition to the portfolio being Idaho in 2010. We are currently licensed to do work in seven states.

We are committed to safety, and we employ a full-time Safety Manager. The Safety Manager at PorterMatt is continuously acquiring training certifications to build his knowledge and skill base to allow him to ensure our managers, foreman, and employees are safe. Also, our Safety Manager works hand in hand with our customer's safety managers to make sure we are adhering to each customer's individual safety needs. Our goal at PorterMatt is to ensure we all arrive home safely to our families every day. We strive to exceed Cal/OSHA Requirements to ensure that we are not only compliant with regulations, but more importantly, SAFE!

In 2013 we started our in-house engineering & design-build program and are currently designing more than 50 projects per year. The design projects range in size and scope from small remodels to complete building, design-build projects. We have great relationships with all our gear and lighting manufacturers which gives us great flexibility in design capabilities to fulfil any requirements that a customer may have.

In 2016 we started our service division. We currently service most major grocery store chains California, as well as a selected group in both Arizona and Nevada. We have a commitment to being prompt to our service calls, with an extremely high quality of work. Communication with store Directors is essential to our success anytime we are in a store to keep store staff informed at all times with what is going on with the service Call.

We love our field of work and look forward to years of continued growth and partnerships with our customers and colleges.