PorterMatt Electric has a complete Design-Build Program that begins in the infinite stages of the design process. Our in-house Engineering Department is ready to design any size project that you need to develop. We can either work as a Secondary Consultant, supporting your Design Team, or as the Primary Consultant in the design process. We are here to assist our customer's needs to whatever extent they may be.

We specialize in lighting design & selection. We will work with you and your team to help design a lighting package that best fits your needs. Along with our distributors, we have access to hundreds of lighting options to fulfill any requirements that you may have. We work diligently to meet your needs to complete satisfaction.

PorterMatt Electric, Inc.

In addition to lighting, we can help build a complete equipment package to ensure that the entire package is correct when ordered. This procedure will help to provide a seamless installation process and not hamper the completion date. There is nothing more time costly than when connecting a piece of equipment and finding that it conflicts with your project's available voltage. This conflict can create time delays as new equipment is ordered and delivered. This process sometimes takes weeks or possibly months.

Our team works with Utility Planning Departments to coordinate all site requirements to get a complete set of utility drawings ready for submission to the city for permits. We have worked with most municipalities in California and are familiar with their design process.
We look forward to helping you generate, design, and complete your project from its conception. We take great pride in our process. We are proud of all of our completed projects for the past two decades, and we cannot wait to continue to add to that list.